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--- Comment #104 from Doug Russell <d_russell at apple.com> ---
> > Source/WebCore/editing/ReplaceInsertIntoTextNodeCommand.h:37
> > +    static Ref<ReplaceInsertIntoTextNodeCommand> create(PassRefPtr<Text> node, unsigned offset, const String& text, const String& deletedText, EditAction editingAction)
> New code should not use PassRefPtr. See
> <https://www.webkit.org/coding/RefPtr.html>.
> > Source/WebCore/editing/ReplaceInsertIntoTextNodeCommand.h:43
> > +    ReplaceInsertIntoTextNodeCommand(PassRefPtr<Text>, unsigned, const String&, const String&, EditAction);
> New code should not use PassRefPtr. See
> <https://www.webkit.org/coding/RefPtr.html>.

Switching these methods to RefPtr results in style errors:
ERROR: Source/WebCore/editing/ReplaceDeleteFromTextNodeCommand.cpp:33:  The parameter type should use PassRefPtr instead of RefPtr.  [readability/pass_ptr] [5]

What's the appropriate type here?

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