[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 143739] Layout Test fast/forms/listbox-visible-size.html is failing

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--- Comment #3 from Marcos Chavarría Teijeiro (chavaone) <chavarria1991 at gmail.com> ---
The reason is that WebKit (at least WebKitGtk) only renders complete rows so if you want to scroll to the middle of two rows it move to the next position. 

In addition the JS code from this test is wrong IMHO:

    const targetTop = 28;
    var select;
    function scrollSelect(newTop)
        var select = document.getElementById('select');
        select.scrollTop = newTop;

    shouldBe('select.scrollTop', 'targetTop');

The select that is declared on line 2 should be undefined on the last line (but it isn't) the select on line 5 is a local variable of scrollSelect function and it should not affect to the extern value (but it does). This is the behaviour of Firefox and Chrome.

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