[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 136904] As of iOS 8.0 (12A365), all Mobify.js sites unexpectedly scroll down the page after load. Sometimes this happens on first load, and happens almost 100% of the time after navigating to another page on the website by clicking a link.

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> I would agree that the way we dynamically load the meta tag is non-standard, but I don't think priority of tickets should be defined by whether or not they are "considered bad practice", it should be defined by the number of sites this is effecting, and how badly it is effecting them.
> Currently, there are over 1000 sites using our framework - many of which are some very notable brands. You can see them in the list above.

Certainly, the technical aspect is only a part of it.

So far I have received a total of 2 reports about this particular bug. As you can imagine, typical high priority bugs get hundreds of radars. I also did not receive any feedback on this during the 4 months of beta which is usually a strong sign this is not important.

I'll probably look at this bug in the coming weeks to understand what is going on, but from the data I have at this very moment, this is not a "drop everything and fix this" situation. I have other bug reports that seems to have higher value for users.

> As an aside, I would love to have a chat with you outside of this ticket about how our technology works and why we've taken the approach we've taken, in order to see if you think there is a better approach. It may seem like bad practice, but it's the best we've come up with based on the current limitations of the web :).

Yep, please email me. Best case we can extend the engine to accommodate your use case, worst case I fix this bug :)

> At the end of the day, we rely on our technique, and the issue that has arisen in iOS8 is a regression.

Yep, that is an unfortunate bug in iOS 8, and it needs to be fixed.

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