[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 136563] [CSS Blending] The composited layers isolated by the page group should blend with the default white background color.

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--- Comment #15 from Ion Rosca <rosca at adobe.com>  2014-09-22 15:19:41 PST ---
I'm sorry, I thought you were referring to the original test case.

In the "Another testcase", you have three parent elements, each of them isolating its children.
1) Parent with transparent background (no backing store) - the backdrop for blending will be transparent.
2) Parent with backing store - the backdrop for blending is transparent, except for the area with text, which we don't overlap.
3) Parent with white background - blending occurs with the white background-color.

In this test case all blending boxes have regular isolating divs, therefore they cannot have access to the content outside their parent, including the base background white color.

This patch only fixes the case when the isolating layer is the root layer. This test case should not be affected by the patch.

Let's assume all the boxes were children of body, then the three shapes would have the same appearance: the first two should blend with the base background white, and the third with the white background-color.

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