[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 136482] Filters have weird clipping on compositing tile borders

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Wed Sep 3 08:20:27 PDT 2014


--- Comment #2 from Dirk Schulze <krit at webkit.org>  2014-09-03 08:20:32 PST ---
It seems to be correct for CSS filter functions.

I'd like to understand what is going on. It seems that we filter the whole element area for every tile. So for blur(10px) we would blur the element twice if the element is part of two tiles. Is that correct? Or are there other optimizations that just let us copy the margin area of the element that is required by the blur() filter? Even with the optimization (if it is implemented at all), SVG Filters like feDisplacementMap would suffer from the same problem and we would need to filter the whole element area.

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