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Patch v5

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>> Source/WebCore/editing/EditingStyle.cpp:651
>> +    RefPtr<MutableStyleProperties> difference = getPropertiesNotIn(*m_mutableStyle, styleToCompare);
> What guarantees that m_mutableStyle is non-null here?

Good point, I added a nullptr check to guarantee that m_mutableStyle isn't nullptr.
This case was previously handled by if(difference->isEmpty()) check below.

>> Source/WebCore/editing/EditingStyle.cpp:1412
>> +        extractTextStyles(document, *mutableStyle, computedStyle.useFixedFontDefaultSize());
> What guarantees that mutableStyle is non-null here? Can getPropertiesNotIn ever return null?

mutableStyle is the return value of getPropertiesNotIn(*style->style(), computedStyle). getPropertiesNotIn() simply pass through the return value of extractPropertiesNotIn(), which can't be nullptr.

>> Source/WebCore/editing/EditingStyle.cpp:1548
>> +    return fontWeight ? fontWeightIsBold(*fontWeight) : false;
> Forgot to mention this last time. I think this is even nicer with &&:
>     return fontWeight && fontWeightIsBold(*fontWeight);

Thanks, I fixed it too.

>>> Source/WebCore/editing/EditingStyle.cpp:1559
>>> +    diffTextDecorations(*mutableStyle, CSSPropertyTextDecoration, baseTextDecorationsInEffect.get());
>> What guarantees mutableStyle is not null? Can EditingStyle::style ever return null?
> Theoretically (without knowing the exact logic) it can, it simply returns m_mutableStyle.get().
> But assuming if it can return nullptr, it isn't safe before this change, because diffTextDecorations()
> uses it without nullptr check: RefPtr<CSSValue> textDecoration = style->getPropertyCSSValue(propertID);
> ( http://trac.webkit.org/browser/trunk/Source/WebCore/editing/EditingStyle.cpp#L1502 )

Result is copied from the non null styleWithRedundantProperties, which guarantees that result->style() alias mutableStyle is non nullptr.

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