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--- Comment #10 from Michael Catanzaro <mcatanzaro at gnome.org> ---
Well from a skim of the detailed Gentoo bug and the shorter GCC one, it seems this boils down to (quote from the GCC bug) "It is totally unsupported (and unlikely to work) to mix C++11 code built with GCC 4.x and 4.y, for any x!=y" -- which is apparently what's happened here -- so I'd say this is NOTABUG.

>From the Gentoo bug: "GCC upstream emphasized that they won't support the Gentoo approach to handling libstdc++ for C++11, namely the use of a 4.8 libstdc++ with code compiled by 4.7. So we need to address this at the distro level, one way or another, at least until upstream officially declares its ABI stable."

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