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Stating that users would be confused to the point they won't trust the computer is quite exaggerated. Especially if (all?) other browsers do not behave like that.

I actually ended up reading about this issue here because one of my users was complaining of the odd behavior of Webkit when they pasted text-transformed text and asked me if it was possible to have it behave like Internet Explorer and FireFox. I guess user confusion happens no matter what, so it shouldn't be the deciding factor here.

If you look at any other CSS property, absolutely none persists within the context of plain text (it's the whole idea behind CSS). Of course, if you paste in a Rich text or HTML context, then CSS formatting should be applied.

Clipboard/Pasteboard functionaly has been designed so that data can be represented in different formats. This is precisely what "Paste matching style" on MacOS and "Paste Special..." on Windows do.

So I will have to agree with others on this issue and ask that the actual source text (before transformation) be the text copied to the clipboard **when plain text is expected**. It is the destination context which chooses the representation it prefers. The source should not impose a given text transformation.

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