[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 130657] Link underline thickness should be uniform

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Mon May 26 14:53:34 PDT 2014


--- Comment #39 from Jeongeun Kim <je_julie.kim at samsung.com>  2014-05-26 14:53:53 PST ---
Myles, Simon and Tim,

I updated my patch.
1) Code was rebased.
2) Used pointer correctly.
3) Used a regular loop in order to avoid using iterators with vector.
4) Used a variable to avoid repeated call.
5) Used a vector with a static size to use it on the stack.
6) lineStyle() API is in InlineBox not in RenderObject.
I could add it but I thought that it’s better to add it when it is also used elsewhere in RenderObject. Currently, there is only the part for text decoration.
I’m also considering moving APIs related to text decoration to InlneTextBox after getting feedback from reviewers.
If possible, I’d like to work on that after file a new bug because it’s a kind of refactoring, not a issue.
7) Fixed typo of test case.
8) Used hasAlpha() for checking color.

Please take a look.

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