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> Ah, makes sense. When I use "carousel" I usually mean the ones that wrap around like the kids' ride. They're usually moving things from the beginning to the end of the scroller or vice-versa to create the illusion of a full carousel loop. So you never hit this issue and pan-x/pan-y work just fine.
> But, not all work this way and I agree the positive/negative values would improve the experience. Though I like a solution like CSS Scroll Snap Points to enable this to be built with native scrolling instead.

Snap points is a good idea to investigate regardless.

There will still be cases when people want full control with JavaScript. With iOS, we try to give as much power as possible to the web page. Generic solutions to provide a near native experience for a large variety of use cases are very useful to have. I can see touch-action being useful there.

> "Pull to refresh" was another scenario we had in mind for positive/negative pan values (so you could enable touch events when pulling down at the top of a scroller, to animate the refresh icon or something; but then still have native scrolling for the rest of the scroller).
> Though I understand there may be some complicated issues for Apple to work through to join, it'd really be great if we could continue the positive/negative discussion over in the working group (I don't think we really want to design the API here in the webkit bug).

I really doubt that is gonna happen. I don't think I will have useful comments before prototyping anyway.

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