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> Just a couple additional thoughts/responses:

Thanks for participating.

> touch-action: manipulation is about restricting touch behaviors to "scrolling and continuous zooming" aka, disabling features like double-tap-to-zoom
>      * This in turn enables browsers to optimize out the 300ms delay for synthetic events like click, but isn't technically a required feature of the API

I disagree, but that's a completely different problem. Please have a look at https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=133112.

> pan-x/pan-y work well for many common "native" experiences like carousel photo galleries, swiping pagination, etc.
>      * The working group has discussed additional values like pan-positive-y/pan-negative-y. It's not in the spec or implementations, but we'd love to have you participate in the WG discussion and discuss use cases we should be solving. I'm thinking we'll tackle this in Pointer Events V2, which is on the near horizon.

On OS X or iOS, we fully support scrollview-inside-scrollview.

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