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> Source/WebKit2/ChangeLog:9
> +        ewk_view_contents_size_get unit test has tested unsupported evas object type. But ewk APIs gives critical error, when given evas object
> +        is not ewk type. So, we can't test wrong evas object type by using current test. so Removing the test line.

I am not sure what is the problem. It is intentionally tested.

>> Source/WebKit2/UIProcess/API/efl/tests/test_ewk2_view.cpp:-1146
>> -    ewk_view_contents_size_get(0, &contentsWidth, &contentsHeight);
> I think this is to check if width and height can be initialized with 0 when Evas_Object is null. To be honest, I don't know why we have to initialize width/height when evas object is null.
> Eina_Bool ewk_view_contents_size_get(const Evas_Object* ewkView, Evas_Coord* width, Evas_Coord* height)
> {
>     EwkView* impl = toEwkViewChecked(ewkView);
>     if (EINA_UNLIKELY(!impl)) {
>         EINA_LOG_CRIT("no private data for object %p", ewkView);
>         if (width)
>             *width = 0;
>         if (height)
>             *height = 0;
>         return false;
>     }
> If we remove this test logic, I think we have to remove the initialization code together.

Maybe, I don't have objection about removing the logic that clears the value.
But I still want test case although we remove this logic.

This test case explains the behavior of ewebkit well when wrong ewkView is given.

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