[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 128924] Shifted document touch handling in iframes on iOS

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--- Comment #7 from Piotrek KoszuliƄski (Reinmar) <pkoszulinski at gmail.com>  2014-05-14 23:47:15 PST ---
I think that the patch for #10714 is confusing because it solves more than one issue. It was proposed by Arty Gus and since I don't have the possibility to test it properly on iPad and understand what's a bug in Webkit and what's in CKEditor I didn't want to split it into separate patches. I think that Arty Gus will be able to tell more about bugs he found. For example - the changes in floatpanel blocking blur while touching - are they related to any Webkit bug or was it a correct behaviour of the engine which was incorrectly handled by CKEditor?

> In any case, *NEVER* set a touch handler on the entire main frame, you are gonna destroy runtime performance.

As for the touch handler, thanks for a tip. However, CKEditor cannot prevent others from adding it so we wanted to handle a case when someone reasonably or not added it.

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