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--- Comment #10 from Mario Sanchez Prada <mario at webkit.org>  2014-05-02 06:25:03 PST ---
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> Mario, thank you for your exhaustive answers. All makes sense after these explanations.
> Actually I missed the LayoutTests/platform/gtk directory so this part was especially helpful:
You're welcome. Very happy to be helpful! :)

> [..]
> > I recommend you to read a post I wrote last year (and not because of self-promotion purposes),
> > I guess you might find it handy to understand some of the messy concepts here . Here's the link:
> > http://mariospr.org/2013/02/03/accessibility-in-webkitgtk/
> Never too much promotion about this spot on article. The things explained there fill the gap,
> because they are nowhere expressed so clearly and completely.

Yes, that's exactly what I thought when I wrote it and also precisely why I did it: I felt there was a gap, or at least that "my life would have been much easier if I had access to that info, all together in the same place, when I started" :)

> It is a must for anyone willing to discover accessibility framework on Linux.

Thanks for your kind words. Happy to see it's useful, because it did take me quite some time to put it together and write it. Actually, I even asked Joanie for help to "proof read" it and make comments and changes before publishing, because I did want to make sure I avoided confusing people even more when it comes to this topic (Big thanks to Joanie, btw).

> I read it thoroughly 2 weeks ago and also bookmarked it permanently.I wanted
> to say thanks at the bottom, because the last "thank you" was in 2013, but the
> page did not allow. So now expressing my gratitude directly :)

Yes, the WordPress is configured to close comments after a while, to help me fight spam, but thank you anyway.

> From the first glance at caret layout tests I see no additional api is needed.
> But a javascript function may probably be added to perform the same things I
> implemented in testatk.c. I think now I can get back to work and return with
> something for platform/gtk/accessibility directory.

Make sure you enable caret browsing in the test, so you can then set the caret anywhere (not only in editable content) and move it around using either the DOM selection API or the eventSender object.

See some examples here:

> >the best idea would be to continue Joanie's work on converting those leftovers in testatk.c into layout tests
> Actually I don't intend to become a full-time webkit contributor, so I don't plan to rewrite many tests from testatk.c.

That's fine, we're all busy people :). Any contribution you make will be valuable on its own, don't worry about that.

> But the few things I plan to do, I would like to do them completely and in a good style.
> In the meantime I'll gather some knowledge about webkit, and probably will be coming
> back when another bug trace leads from orca to webkit.

Sounds great

> I like the webkit code, its documentation, its webpage. I like the order and
> clarity of how things are done in this project. I like it that you guys are
> responsive. It's a nice place for a dev :)

Welcome :)

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