[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 135157] [CSS Regions] Create test for selection in named flow thread on beforeload event

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Mon Jul 28 03:58:28 PDT 2014


--- Comment #1 from Radu Stavila <stavila at adobe.com>  2014-07-28 03:58:42 PST ---
Further findings:
- the renaming of the RenderView selection parameters was not the actual cause of this
- the real problem was that now the SelectionSubtreeRoot::adjustForVisibleSelection was also being called for the no-named-flow-threads scenario, which causes the RenderView::setSelection method to be called from within itself (while performing RenderView::updateSelectionForSubtrees, the SelectionSubtreeRoot::adjustForVisibleSelection method causes RenderView::setSelection to be called again). 

This caused existing test fast/dom/HTMLObjectElement/beforeload-set-text-crash.xhtml to crash. For the moment, I changed the code so that SelectionSubtreeRoot::adjustForVisibleSelection is not called for the -no-named-flow-threads scenario, but I believe its possible a similar problem would occur if the beforeload-set-text-crash.xhtml was modified to use flow threads.

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