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--- Comment #14 from David Carlisle <davidc at nag.co.uk>  2014-01-09 16:51:53 PST ---
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> The HTML5 (In reply to comment #9)
> > Mixing arbitrary markup with MathML was introducing a case where non-MathML nodes were being interpreted as MathML. This could pose a security risk.
> > 
> The HTML5 spec is explicit that this should be allowed.

Someone queried off list whether I meant that a security bug should not be fixed. Sorry if I gave that impression: that is not what I meant. 

I just meant to point out that the points at which mathml and html can be nested is specified in detail in the normative html(5) parsing spec and not just in the non normative schema as used in the validator.nu based validators (as is often the case the validator is in fact stricter than the implementation requirements and declares invalid constructs that are defined to parse without error, in particular it tries to guide authors to use mtext or annotation-xml as the integration points for nesting html, but the parser spec allows any of the token elements, such as mi).

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