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--- Comment #19 from Iago Toral <itoral at igalia.com>  2014-02-28 00:55:47 PST ---
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> > 5. After visiting a page that enables the AC path, then leaving to another page, and then going back to the first page again using the browsers's back button shows rendering artifacts (composited layers are black). This is fixed if the page is reloaded though.
> This still happens. The problem is related to WebKit's page cache. Disabling the page cache fixes it. I think the problem is that when going back to the page it tries to re-use the tiles but the underlying texture objects have been destroyed. I came to this conclusion after observing that tiles were trying to use textures with a non-zero ID (m_id in BitmapTextureGL) that had been destroyed.
> This needs more investigation.

Indeed, the problem is that GL textures are destroyed when we leave the page, so when we try to reuse the tiles later on it fails. The reason why this works in X11 is the fact that we have a sharing context (again), since that prevents the textures from being destroyed in the end (since they are shared with a context that is not destroyed). Adding a sharing context for Wayland fixes the problem, even though I think this is kind of hiding a real bug that already existed before for X11.

I'll file a separate bug for this so we can discuss if want to do something about this.

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