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> (In reply to comment #2)
> > It looks to me like ATK_RELATION_MEMBER_OF is applicable for a group of
> > radio buttons because those radio buttons are all a member of a group.
> > However, I question (quite a bit) its applicability for an internal anchor
> > connection.
> Thank you for your feedback. I understand your concerns about internal
> anchor link, I had it as well. but: 
> 1. There is no other relationship ATK more appropriate to do so. 

Assuming there is a use case for that, then the correct solution would be to file a bug against ATK requesting a new AtkRelation type; not to lump non-members together with members. 

> 2. The linkedUIElements treats both objects together.

Just because a particular toolkit or engine does something does not make it appropriate for all platforms.

Taking the above into account, for GTK please do NOT include internal anchors in the member-of AtkRelation type.

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