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--- Comment #29 from Diego Pino <dpino at igalia.com>  2014-08-29 03:40:07 PST ---
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> Also, this overloading problem is a bad thing to introduce into the String class. We really don’t want to avoid it by simply having mysterious additional "true" arguments at every call site; it’s simply an ugly pattern. I think the direction we will want to go to clean this up is that instead of adding more functions to String, we will want to add and use StringView::contains/startsWith/endsWith and use StringView::substring to restrict the ranges of the searches. When we do that we will then get rid of these new overloads we just added. I suppose it’s OK to land them like this for now, but since I do see some difficulty here in writing those functions correctly without overflow problems we might want to just write the StringView ones instead.

I couldn't find similar functions in StringView (contains/startsWith/endsWith), there's a contain, but only works for one char, that's why I stick with adding new functions to WTF::String. Maybe I didn't look in the right place. I agree with your reasoning, I don't like very much either the mandatory caseSensitive flag.

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