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--- Comment #23 from Darin Adler <darin at apple.com>  2014-08-25 15:55:16 PST ---
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>>> Source/JavaScriptCore/runtime/StringPrototype.cpp:1564
>>> +    if (jsDynamicCast<RegExpObject*>(a0))
>> I believe we should only use jsDynamicCast when we want a pointer. If we are just looking for a boolean predicate, then we should just use a0.inherits(RegExpObject::info()).
> Thanks for the extensive review.
> Originally I did that but Geoffrey suggested me to use jsDynamicCast instead. See comment #9.

OK, Geoff is the authority on this, so go with what he said.

>>> Source/JavaScriptCore/runtime/StringPrototype.cpp:1573
>>> +    String searchStr = a0.toString(exec)->value(exec);
>> And “searchStr” vs. “searchString”. But also, search string could either be the string we are searching "in" or the string we are searching "for". I’d use a name like “targetString” or “stringToSearchFor”.
> What about "matchString"? It is what StringImpl uses and it will be consistent. If not, "stringToSearchFor" sounds good to me.

Either of those is OK with me.

>>> Source/WTF/wtf/text/StringImpl.cpp:1373
>>> +    ASSERT(stringImpl);
>> If we are asserting a pointer is not null then it should be a reference, not a pointer. Both stringImpl and matchString should be of type StringImpl&. There is no need to mark it const, because a StringImpl is intrinsically const. The argument names don’t need “impl” in their names.
> OK, agree. My doubt is that many other methods in this file (the several implementations of startsWith and endsWith, for instance) use "const StringImpl*" as datatype and follow the same naming convention for "stringImpl". I think that maybe is valuable to use the same datatype and naming convention for keeping consistency, if not I can change it. WDYT?

Using & instead of * for things that are never null is newly the style in WebKit this year, so older code would be using * and newer &. As far as const, it’s an easy mistake to make. Someone might not realize that StringImpl is an immutable class.

>>> Source/WTF/wtf/text/StringImpl.cpp:1375
>>> +    ASSERT(startOffset + matchString->length() <= stringImpl->length());
>> This can overflow. It should be written so it can’t overflow.
> OK.

The idiom here for not overflowing is:

    ASSERT(startOffset <= stringImpl->length());
    ASSERT(matchString->length() <= stringImpl->length());
    ASSERT(startOffset + matchString->length() <= stringImpl->length());

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