[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 135932] 2.5.[12]: problem when installing in a multilib environment

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--- Comment #7 from gabriele balducci <balducci at units.it>  2014-08-21 10:09:48 PST ---
> I would recommend setting -m32 via CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS environment
> variables or CMAKE_C_FLAGS and CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS definitions.
> That would make it possible to search for -m32 in CMAKE_C_FLAGS and
> add it to the introspection scanner's CFLAGS if necessary.

just tried with:

export CFLAGS    "-m32  $CFLAGS" 
export CXXFLAGS  "-m32  $CXXFLAGS"



but no joy.

Build stops at the same point with the same error.

I think that the problem is in this
Source/WebKit2/PlatformGTK.cmake file, where I find:

    DEPENDS WebKit2
    COMMAND CC=${CMAKE_C_COMPILER} CFLAGS=-Wno-deprecated-declarations LDFLAGS=

[...plus another equal stanza for WebKit2WebExtension-${WEBKITGTK_API_VERSION}.gir]

Now: I cannot set CMAKE_C_COMPILER="gcc -m32" (I tried, but it will cause
an almost immediate stop in the build: cmake language related, I
guess); OTOH, both CFLAGS and LDFLAGS are hardcoded, so setting CFLAGS
in the environment won't have any effect.

In my opinion, this Source/WebKit2/PlatformGTK.cmake file should be
modified so that it can catch CFLAGS or LDFLAGS or ... from the
environment; or some other way should be devised to make it support
both ABIs...

But I'm definitely not in the position to be more detailed

> over the net shows that those two are frequently used when the
> compiler is being invoked through ccache, like `ccache
> gcc/gxx`. That's why I'd rather avoid these two variables entirely.

Thanks for the info: I actually had the impression that I was somewhat misusing
them: my cmake ignorance

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