[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 135936] undefined reference to `JSC::JSCell::structure() const

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--- Comment #4 from Zan Dobersek <zandobersek at gmail.com>  2014-08-14 08:14:45 PST ---
Yes, that's the idea.

-DNDEBUG is included by default in the preset CMAKE_C_FLAGS_RELEASE and CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS_RELEASE variables. Overriding those will cause -DNDEBUG to be left out of the final list of compiler flags.

I'm quite sure CMAKE_C_FLAGS and CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS should be used for listing additional flags. The build-type-specific flags are then appended to that list, but beware that for instance CMAKE_C(XX)_FLAGS_RELEASE is by default set to '-O3 -DNDEBUG', so -O3 might trump over any previously-defined -On option.

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