[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 130941] [ATK] No accessible caret-moved events in a href display:block in div

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--- Comment #3 from Jarek Czekalski <jarekczek at poczta.onet.pl>  2014-04-26 11:25:25 PST ---
The crucial part is this:

    // Don't ignore links if the offset is being requested for a link.
    if (!referenceObject->isLink() && firstUnignoredParent->isLink())
        firstUnignoredParent = firstUnignoredParent->parentObjectUnignored();

objectFocusedAndCaretOffsetUnignored in Source/WebCore/accessibility/atk/WebKitAccessibleWrapperAtk.cpp, line 1333

Our accessibility tree branch is as follows:
web_document -> link -> text
text is the role for which objectFocusedAndCaretOffsetUnignored is executed. It is not the link, it's the link's child. So the condition above results in dropping the caret moved event.

Why does this happen? Traces lead to r53072, which is commented as follows:

        Adjust the caret offset and object with focus to reflect the
        unignored parent of the static text object which contains the
        caret. This is necessary because the static text objects are
        no longer being exposed to ATs.

That's seems to contradict the current actual situation, where something under the link, being text, is exposed to atk. How do we deal with this? Why do we need to ignore links at all? Maybe some answers are in bug #30883 (related with r53072), but I have not read it yet. Just reporting the results so far.

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