[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 132190] [GTK] Generate Eclipse project + ninja build for GTK+ if Eclipse in available in the PATH

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Fri Apr 25 10:43:49 PDT 2014


--- Comment #7 from Enrique OcaƱa <eocanha at igalia.com>  2014-04-25 10:44:10 PST ---
The rules.ninja files are equal. In the build.ninja files, some rules are in different places in the file (some are before, some are after, but I think that's irrelevant for ninja).

I know it's not orthodox, but I've "sort"ed both versions of build.ninja and "diff"ed them after that to bypass the place shifting differences. The resulting diff showed 3393 different lines out of 31633. Examining them closely, the main part of them just differ in the position of lib/libANGLESupport.a in the argument list (it's even missing in some of the blocks generated by the Eclipse Ninja target). Apart from that, the "build build.ninja" line is different, as it calls different cmake system files, some only related to Eclipse.

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