[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 131871] Enable snapshot tests on mac wk2

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Mon Apr 21 21:18:03 PDT 2014


--- Comment #2 from Roger Fong <roger_fong at apple.com>  2014-04-21 21:18:24 PST ---
After some extensive logging I believe that the following is happening:

The plugin is initialized before the primary plugin has been determined.
If the maximum number of snapshot retries is 0 then we immediately set display state to DisplayingSnapshot.

Now we hit HTMLPlugInImageElement::createElementRenderer
and hit
    if (displayState() == DisplayingSnapshot) {
        auto renderSnapshottedPlugIn = createRenderer<RenderSnapshottedPlugIn>(*this, std::move(style));
        return std::move(renderSnapshottedPlugIn);

We then get into determining the primary plugin, which is where (if a candidate plugin is found) we will restart the plugin appropriately.

However, the hit test fails, presumably due to the code that we hit earlier.
Commenting out the code block above causes us to fallback to creating a RenderImage renderer, which seems to fair better with hit testing for some reason.

Perhaps we should not create the element renderer until the plugin has been initialized, since we should know the initial state of the plugin anyways before deciding what type of renderer to create.

Or we shouldn't set the display state to DisplayingSnapshot at all until we know for sure the plugin is meant to be snapshotted (defer the setting of the display state until the plugin has been initialized)

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