[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 130818] Sometimes, GIF pictures are not decoded correctly.

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Mon Apr 14 01:39:11 PDT 2014


--- Comment #2 from arkuka_reg at 126.com  2014-04-14 01:39:31 PST ---
The problem scenario should be something like:

1.    Decoder gets some raw data 
2.    Decoder decodes received data and saves decoded data into m_frameBufferCache
3.    Decoded data is used to generate cario surfaces, but cairo does not generate new image data but continue using the data saved in m_frameBufferCache. i.e. cairo surface and decoder share the same memory space. My debug can prove this.
4.    After receive more raw data, decoder has to resize m_frameBufferCache to get more room. 
5.    From the view point of linux system, after resize, the memory space occupied by the image data of some cairo surfaces is FREE now, while cairo has no chance to know it.
6.    These FREE memory are reused
7.    Cairo paints the screen using the polluted  surfaces

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