[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 131434] [WK2] When running in multi-process mode, opening link in new window from context menu creates blank window

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Wed Apr 9 07:16:53 PDT 2014


--- Comment #2 from Maciej Florek <m.florek at samsung.com>  2014-04-09 07:17:13 PST ---
The problem is in WebChromeClient::createWindow() function. It creates ( by means of WebProcess::shared().createWebPage() ) a new web page in its own WebProcess, which is associated to the current web page (on which the context menu was invoked). So now there are two WebPages in one Webprocess. 

But few lines before, the message was sent to the WebPageProxy, to create new page. And in UI process a new WebProcessProxy with new WebPageProxy is created, and finally the new WebProcess is launched. Newly created blank window is associated to newly created WebProcess. 

The first web process tries to pass url to newly created web page, but it sends it to the page in its own process.

I have attached a draft of the patch to discuss. Url loading was moved to UI process, and the creation of new page in WebProcess was removed.

The problem is, that on "WebChromeClient::createWindow()" function result (which now is null) depends many other functions...

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