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--- Comment #4 from Andre Moreira Magalhaes <andrunko at gmail.com>  2013-09-03 08:19:59 PST ---
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> My opinion on this is: I don't see a problem with WebKitGTK+ handling rtsp:// links itself, it's not that different from handling videos hosted on http conceptually (a user won't really know the difference, usually - it's an implementation detail) and we already play those directly.
I agree here but I am not sure we want to go this route cause as I said all major browsers will request to open direct rtsp:// links in external apps.

> If we do not go that route, though, I think we should just do exactly what we are doing - fail with a policy error. Opening stuff on external programs should not be done by the web engine IMO, it's browser territory. So my opinion is we should either do 1.1 (I don't understand the '*all*', though - what's the alternative? playing a few? =)) or 1.3, but not 1.2.

Ignore the *all* :P, I have the same opinion here, either go with 1.3 (I believe we should) or go with 1.1 if we decide to be different from other browsers :D.

As for the bug with rtsp links on <video>, I have some local fixes here and will push a patch later.

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