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Robert M Campbell <robert.rcampbell at gmail.com> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Robert M Campbell <robert.rcampbell at gmail.com>  2013-10-30 22:19:14 PST ---

I was originally testing on Chrome and Chromium, but it looks like they now use Blink?! News to me! (Now, I need to file bugs with them as well! More work, less fun...)

So, I guess what system I use is irrelevant, since I don't have a Safari snapshot / compilation to test on currently... :(

It also sounds like, if WebKit is providing ICU or compiling against a specific version, that I need to go file bugs on Safari directly, since they are compiling the binaries, right?

I do have access to a Mac, and could test a binary build once it's updated... But again, I should take that to Safari, right?

My goal in this is to simply have browsers support correct word-wrapping / word boundary analysis in Lao and other languages... Requires gong to each main browser and/or binary provider, and making sure they have the latest ICU in their binaries.

Thoughts and suggestions on this are welcome!

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