[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 122898] Web Inspector: JSON may not be pretty printed if served as text/html

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Wed Oct 16 09:29:44 PDT 2013


--- Comment #3 from Dave Coffin <dcoffin at nimbit.com>  2013-10-16 09:28:29 PST ---
I take your point, but this is an example of a significant disconnect from the old web inspector. The old inspector ignored the MIME Type, so if your web app had incorrect MIME Types, you could still debug until you fixed it (because it would pretty print was is obviously JSON). I don't see a downside to pretty printing regardless of the MIME Type, and in my case it would be pretty helpful, and I'm probably not the only one. This particular issue would be a reason why I would not switch back to Safari from Chrome (I inspect JSON API responses all day long), to which your point would be "Fix your headers", and my rebuttal is that its never that simple. 

Especially if you're using a public API and don't have control over the content type headers.

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