[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 120045] [CSS Grid Layout] Add support for named grid areas

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--- Comment #2 from Sergio Villar Senin <svillar at igalia.com>  2013-10-08 01:17:23 PST ---
We should merge first https://chromiumcodereview.appspot.com/22215002

    Allow grid positions to be named grid areas

    This change extends our handling of grid position to allow for
    named grid areas. This required to split the shorthands parsing
    between grid-{row|column} and grid-area as the rules for expanding
    are slightly different.  The patch reuses a lot of the existing logic
    to marshall the values into RenderStyle.

    One big difference after this change is that:

    grid-row: foobar / none;

    used to be rejected at parsing but is now allowed.

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