[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 120482] [GStreamer] - Playing 2 mpeg2ts videos from Apache Server causes lockup

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--- Comment #12 from Lori Anderson <lori at rkymtnhi.com>  2013-10-01 08:11:53 PST ---
One more point about the supplied workaround...  The description of the "async-handling" property description from gstbin.c

   * GstBin:async-handling:
   * If set to #TRUE, the bin will handle asynchronous state changes.
   * This should be used only if the bin subclass is modifying the state
   * of its children on its own.

If you look in gstautoaudiosink.c you can see that is modifies the state of its child on its own.  It could be that this is necessary.  

The counterpoint is this isn't needed when running the same pipeline in a gstreamer test program, it is just needed when running within WebKit.  So it still boils down to some interaction within WebKit state management.

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