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--- Comment #8 from Joseph Pecoraro <joepeck at webkit.org>  2013-10-03 14:36:32 PST ---
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> Hi again, I created the bugs 122294 and 122295, one to remove the old front-end and another to check which UI tests can be converted.
> I will remove the old front end first and leave the tests untouched.

If you remove the old frontend you will need to skip all of the LayoutTests/inspector and LayoutTests/http/tests/inspector tests on all platforms, because they rely on running code inside the old frontend.

> I don't know if you already thought about which tests should be converted, if you don't maybe I can take a look at this later, I think that would be a good opportunity to me to learn about this. 
> Is that ok for you?

I think this is fine. It would be nice to have a strategy for converting over tests. We haven't really had much time to think about this.

Ideally we would have at least one test for each protocol method, then perhaps extra tests for cases involving multiple back and forths between a frontend and backend.

In the process of writing the new tests we can remove old tests that tested the same protocol methods. You mention you are interested, it would be nice to talk a small piece of the protocol, maybe the Storage domain, and write new tests for that. I think it would be a nice small task, and we can see from there how easy / difficult it would be to convert the rest.

I started working on the Debugger domain. See LayoutTests/inspector-protocol/debugger as an example on how to structure and write the tests.

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