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> But I would like to take over and start investigation myself. 
That's good to read :)

> I'm quite new with JavaScriptCore and don't have much experience with it. 
> Can you give me advice on how to start:
> It could be place where to start, JSC debug technique (specially on cross-compilation environment), documentation or everything you my think useful based on your own experience.
When I started working on sh4 parts of WebKit, there was no LLINT and no DFG_JIT backends for this architecture, and the baseline JIT was in a "fallow" state.
As there is no documentation about these parts of JavaScriptCore (from what I know), I try to understand it by myself and do my best to implement missing things while taking a look at what other 32-bit architectures do (mips & arm).

My debug techniques: use Tools/Scripts/run-javascriptcore-tests and Tools/Scripts/run-fast-jsc scripts (you'll need a cross-compiled perl and python available on your sh4 target), using Release and Debug builds of jsc. The most important: gdb is your friend.

I know this is not so much information, but I'm afraid I won't be able to give you more inputs :/

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