[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 124409] [Win] JavaScript crashes on 64-bit with JIT enabled.

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Fri Nov 15 13:35:26 PST 2013


--- Comment #8 from peavo at outlook.com  2013-11-15 13:34:05 PST ---
I have probably misunderstood something, but below is the disassembly which calls operationPutByIdNonStrictOptimize; I thought we had to also adjust the stack pointer before this call, not only before the call in callToJavaScript?

00000000053D3E00  mov         eax,edx  
00000000053D3E02  mov         r9,rax  
00000000053D3E05  mov         rdx,60E91B0h  
00000000053D3E0F  mov         rcx,rbp  
00000000053D3E12  mov         dword ptr [rbp+2Ch],1Eh  
00000000053D3E19  mov         r11,1C0AD80h  
00000000053D3E23  mov         qword ptr [r11],rbp  
00000000053D3E26  mov         r11,2CE1100h  
00000000053D3E30  call        r11               <     calls operationPutByIdNonStrictOptimize

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