[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 124325] Consolidate and expose Frame/Node/Selection screenshot capabilities

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--- Comment #19 from Brian Burg <burg at cs.washington.edu>  2013-11-15 08:14:29 PST ---
I would like nodeImage, selectionImage, and imageFromRect to be cross-platform and used by the inspector. I propose these methods belong in FrameSnapshotting and deal with ImageBuffers or Images*. The other methods that are only used for dragging should go in DragImage. So, here's a plan for that:

1. Move Frame::nodeImage to FrameSnapshotting.
2. Delete Frame::dragImageForSelection, as it just called selectionImage().
3. Move snapshotDragImage to DragImage[Mac].h It's not useful for anything else.
4. Change FrameSnapshotting::{selectionImage, rangeImage, nodeImage, imageFromRect} to return ImageBuffers.
5. Optionally rename FrameSnapshotting methods to 'createSnapshotForFoo' (a la the create rule) or 'snapshotFooImage' (to make snapshot the relevant verb).

Let me know if this is more sensible than the current approach.

* In a second patch, InspectorClient will use these APIs to create screenshots of nodes, rects, etc and turn them into data urls. This will require using ImageBuffer from WebKit/WebKit2. If this is a layering violation, then the APIs can use Image instead.

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