[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 122597] [sh4] JavascriptCore freezes in a loop when DFG is enabled.

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Sun Nov 3 07:33:15 PST 2013


--- Comment #2 from Julien Brianceau <jbriance at cisco.com>  2013-11-03 07:32:02 PST ---
I get it. After comparing what was going on in x86 32-bit port compared to the sh4 one, the sh4 port should refactor its patchableJump() to return the label after the jump, like other ports (x86, arm, mips..).

A quick "dummy" fix for this issue: in tryRepatchIn function from jit/Repatch.cpp file,

        PolymorphicAccessStructureList* polymorphicStructureList;
        int listIndex;

    #if CPU(SH4)
        CodeLocationLabel successLabel = stubInfo.hotPathBegin.labelAtOffset(6);
        CodeLocationLabel successLabel = stubInfo.hotPathBegin;
        CodeLocationLabel slowCaseLabel;

I'll try to do the refactor tomorrow to submit a clean fix for this.

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