[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 122597] [sh4] JavascriptCore freezes in a loop when DFG is enabled.

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Sat Nov 2 15:03:26 PDT 2013


--- Comment #1 from Julien Brianceau <jbriance at cisco.com>  2013-11-02 15:02:11 PST ---
Thanks for this reduced test case. FYI, I see the same issue with the js/dfg-arguments-out-of-bounds LayoutTest, and this seems to be a sh4 specific issue, as I cannot reproduce it with the traditional ARM port.

The operationInOptimize generates an endless loop in this case for sh4, looking like this:

  // The following jump comes from the repatchBuffer.relink(stubInfo.hotPathBegin.jumpAtOffset(0), CodeLocationLabel(stubRoutine->code().code())) call in tryRepatchIn function from jit/Repatch.cpp

  0x436841d8: 0xd35c  MOV.L @(92, PC), R3     // R3=0x000001e2
  0x436841da: 0x0323  BRAF R3                 // jumping to 0x436843c0 (stubRoutine->code().code())
  0x436841dc: 0x0009  NOP

  // The stubRoutine code

  // failureCases.append(stubJit.branchPtr(
  //     MacroAssembler::NotEqual,
  //     MacroAssembler::Address(baseGPR, JSCell::structureOffset()),
  //     MacroAssembler::TrustedImmPtr(structure)));
  0x436843c0: 0x6302  MOV.L @R0, R3           // @R0 is Address(baseGPR, JSCell::structureOffset())
  0x436843c2: 0xdb05  MOV.L @(5, PC), R11     // R11=0x434fe1d8
  0x436843c4: 0x33b0  CMP/EQ R11, R3
  0x436843c6: 0x8902  BT 2                    // jumping to 0x436843ce if R11==R3
  0x436843c8: 0xdd04  MOV.L @(4, PC), R13     // R13=0xfffffece
  0x436843ca: 0x0d23  BRAF R13                // jumping to 0x4368429c
  0x436843cc: 0x0009  NOP

  // stubJit.move(MacroAssembler::TrustedImm32(wasFound), resultGPR);
  0x436843ce: 0xe100  MOV #0, R1              // wasFound=0, resultGPR is R1

  // success = stubJit.jump() (in emitRestoreScratch)
  0x436843d0: 0xd303  MOV.L @(3, PC), R3      // R3=0xfffffe02
  0x436843d2: 0x0323  BRAF R3                 // jumping back to 0x436841d8
  0x436843d4: 0x0009  NOP

This is definitely an issue for sh4 port, I'll try to have a look.

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