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--- Comment #17 from Victor Costan <costan at gmail.com>  2013-11-13 23:33:10 PST ---
Alexey, I'm preparing a new patch with the feedback you gave me. While doing that, I ran into something odd.

toArrayBuffer is defined in Source/JavaScriptCore/JSArrayBuffer.h as 
inline ArrayBuffer* toArrayBuffer(JSValue value)

toArrayBufferView is defined in Source/WebCore/bindings/js/JSDomBinding.h as
inline PassRefPtr<JSC::ArrayBufferView> toArrayBufferView(JSC::JSValue value)

Otherwise, the method bodies are really similar.

I think this is weird because, in the Blob constructor, I'd have to use RefPtr<ArrayBufferView> on one branch, and a bare ArrayBuffer* on the other branch, to follow convention.

What do you advise? Should I do this, or change one of the defintions? If I go down that route, I'd also move  toArrayBufferView in JavaScriptCore/JSArrayBufferView.h.

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