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--- Comment #10 from Kevin Doughty <css at kxdx.org>  2013-05-11 10:27:18 PST ---
I believe further analysis will show that this is the same as rdar://problem/12081774 , and that it is a Core Animation bug, not a WebKit one. For the radar, I uploaded a third regression that shows the bug but requires heavy GPU usage to trigger it. It is also available here: https://github.com/KevinDoughty/FlashOfUnAnimatedContent and the best web based test so far is here: http://jsfiddle.net/R6UW5/

The github repo shows that animations just do not start when expected every time. It quickly and repeatedly adds an animation with the same from and to value, so there should be no gaps without animation.

I hope you will permit me to continue to work on this regardless. It is a good learning experience for me. I would like to properly perform the test suites and submit a patch, because everything blew up last time. I will be sure to put a note in the ChangeLog that the patch should not to be accepted. (It is a good thing that it failed the first time because I left out a pretty important conditional to ensure that only CSS Transitions were given the fillMode.) However, this would show the effectiveness of the workaround and suggest that it is indeed related to the radar.

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