[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 108897] [Cairo] Canvas-shadow behavior is not being as expected

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Thu May 9 02:57:47 PDT 2013


--- Comment #63 from Rashmi Shyamasundar <rashmi.s2 at samsung.com>  2013-05-09 02:56:11 PST ---
Dear Mr. Robinson, 
As discussed earlier, the path on cairoContext should be cleared before copying the shadow from shadowContext to the original cairoContext. This can be done in drawPathShadow() defined in GraphicsContextCairo.cpp . Please review this patch. 

P.S -

The path on original cairoContext is getting added in the below funciton.

void GraphicsContext::fillRect(const FloatRect& rect)
    if (paintingDisabled())

    cairo_t* cr = platformContext()->cr();
    cairo_rectangle(cr, rect.x(), rect.y(), rect.width(), rect.height());

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