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--- Comment #14 from Víctor M. Jáquez L. <vjaquez at igalia.com>  2013-05-02 07:41:33 PST ---
After chatting a bit with Simon, he told me that

20:25 < smfr> so when m_texture->updateContents() is called, something should just tell AcceleratedCompositingContextGL to just render a new scene
20:25 < smfr> you shouldn't be running webcore painting code for every frame

I reviewed how WebKitGTK+ paints WebGL and here's a backtrace:


Every time a frame is updated, 

Hence, if I understand correctly, we should call WebCore::GraphicsLayerTextureMapper:setContentsNeedsDisplay when a new frame is available, directly from WebCore::MediaPlayerPrivateGStreamerBase

The question is how WebCore::MediaPlayerPrivateGStreamerBase would access to WebCore::GraphicsLayerTextureMapper, or more abstractly: how MediaPlayerPrivate would access GraphicsLayer in an AC setup.

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