[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 115495] Web Inspector: Fix check-inspector-strings script and fix localized strings

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Wed May 1 17:39:04 PDT 2013


--- Comment #6 from WebKit Commit Bot <commit-queue at webkit.org>  2013-05-01 17:37:27 PST ---
The commit-queue encountered the following flaky tests while processing attachment 200255:

platform/mac/editing/deleting/deletionUI-single-instance.html bug 114181 (author: rniwa at webkit.org)
transitions/color-transition-rounding.html bug 114182 (author: simon.fraser at apple.com)
transitions/cubic-bezier-overflow-svg-length.html bug 114183 (author: peter at chromium.org)
transitions/interrupt-zero-duration.html bug 114184 (authors: cmarrin at apple.com, rniwa at webkit.org, and simon.fraser at apple.com)
transitions/multiple-background-transitions.html bug 114185 (author: simon.fraser at apple.com)
transitions/cubic-bezier-overflow-color.html bug 114186 (author: peter at chromium.org)
transitions/multiple-shadow-transitions.html bug 114187 (author: simon.fraser at apple.com)
transitions/mismatched-shadow-transitions.html bug 114188 (author: simon.fraser at apple.com)
transitions/color-transition-all.html bug 114189 (authors: ossy at webkit.org and simon.fraser at apple.com)
transitions/negative-delay.html bug 114190 (author: simon.fraser at apple.com)
transitions/cubic-bezier-overflow-shadow.html bug 114191 (author: peter at chromium.org)
transitions/min-max-width-height-transitions.html bug 114192 (author: simon.fraser at apple.com)
transitions/cancel-transition.html bug 114193 (authors: ojan at chromium.org, rniwa at webkit.org, and simon.fraser at apple.com)
transitions/border-radius-transition.html bug 114194 (author: simon.fraser at apple.com)
transitions/flex-transitions.html bug 114195 (author: tony at chromium.org)
transitions/mixed-type.html bug 114196 (author: mikelawther at chromium.org)
transitions/multiple-mask-transitions.html bug 114197 (author: simon.fraser at apple.com)
transitions/color-transition-premultiplied.html bug 114198 (author: simon.fraser at apple.com)
transitions/mismatched-shadow-styles.html bug 114199 (author: simon.fraser at apple.com)
transitions/mask-transitions.html bug 114200 (authors: ojan at chromium.org, oliver at apple.com, and simon.fraser at apple.com)
transitions/cubic-bezier-overflow-length.html bug 114201 (author: peter at chromium.org)
transitions/multiple-background-size-transitions.html bug 114202 (authors: mitz at webkit.org and simon.fraser at apple.com)
transitions/clip-transition.html bug 114203 (authors: dglazkov at chromium.org, krit at webkit.org, and simon.fraser at apple.com)
transitions/cubic-bezier-overflow-transform.html bug 114204 (author: peter at chromium.org)
transitions/shorthand-border-transitions.html bug 114205 (authors: ojan at chromium.org and simon.fraser at apple.com)
transitions/interrupted-accelerated-transition.html bug 56242 (authors: rniwa at webkit.org, simon.fraser at apple.com, and tonyg at chromium.org)
transitions/background-transitions.html bug 114206 (author: simon.fraser at apple.com)
http/tests/security/cookies/third-party-cookie-blocking-user-action.html bug 114511 (authors: ap at webkit.org, jochen at chromium.org, and rniwa at webkit.org)
http/tests/security/mixedContent/redirect-https-to-http-iframe-in-main-frame.html bug 114208 (authors: abarth at webkit.org and rniwa at webkit.org)
fast/loader/javascript-url-in-object.html bug 114210 (authors: rniwa at webkit.org and sam at webkit.org)
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