[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 113962] GtkSelectionData length is off by one

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Tue May 14 20:21:54 PDT 2013


--- Comment #2 from Martin Robinson <mrobinson at webkit.org>  2013-05-14 20:20:20 PST ---
Thanks for reporting this bug. Is it causing any visible issues? I've been looking at the drag-and-drop atom contents for different browsers and it seems they are all differ. For instance, I ran the paste program from: http://www.edwardrosten.com/code/x11.html like so:

./paste -dnd text/uri-list

After dragging a link 38 characters long, this is what I see in various browsers:

* Chromium: Number of items: 40
* Epiphany: Number of items: 39
* Firefox: Number of items: 38

If all browsers do something different and this isn't causing issues, I'm tempted keep things as they are. If not, what widgets are showing issues and are they reproducible with Chromium?

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