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--- Comment #22 from James Craig <james at cookiecrook.com>  2013-05-02 14:09:24 PST ---
We should not support any of the nav properties. nav-index, nav-up, nav-right, nav-down, and nav-left are all features at risk and we should let them remain at risk until they are removed from this version of the specification.

The main thing nav-index is lacking is a context. This could potentially be solved with an additional property, potentially:

     nav-context:  ignore | relative | absolute;

Yet, as specified, nav-index has all the same serious negative implications of positive integer values of tabindex, where each node has to know about the layout order of every other node in the document. If you're only specifying nav index on first level branches, this is fine, but there is no good way to use this on leaf nodes, and it has severe consequences for breaking index order of keyboard navigation.

Another problem this does not solve is the potential for infinite navigation loops with circular references using any of the nav-* properties. The specification should define that circular references are illegal, and it should also define recovery behavior when a rendering engine encounters circular navigation loops.

I mentioned both of these problems to Tantek at last years TPAC. I can't recall whether I sent a formal note to the list, but I will send a follow-up objection now.

The ime-mode property also seems problematic but I'm not yet familiar enough with this part of the proposal to officially object. Why should a web page get to disable my Pinyin character window? The example given it would not allow extended set characters to be entered into a form, but it seems this would be better solved by either 1) simple form validation, or 2) regex accept patterns in HTML input. Allowing CSS to disable IMEs seems like overkill for this problem.

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