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--- Comment #13 from Benjamin Poulain <benjamin at webkit.org>  2013-03-08 12:28:29 PST ---
I don't see anything that could hurt the project. I sign off on this for WebKit2.

> It can be used. We switched long time ago to use only the internal API, because the code is a lot simpler, to avoid unnecessary casts and memory allocations in some cases. We didn't know this was a problem for Apple, I've always considered the C API as public for wk users not for the ports, and we indeed expose both APIs, so that WebKitGTK+ users can use the GTK+ high level API or the C API directly. Switching back to use the C API now would be a lot of work and we are currently at the end of our release cycle.

I don't have a strong opinion regarding using the C API or not for all ports.

What I care about is:
1) correctness and testing.
2) hackability.

The nice thing I see about the recent move from everyone to the C API, is we have a common ground for testing: the WK C API. Anything exposed there can/should be tested by solid API tests.

Ports can have extra layers of tests on top (and I think all of them do now), but the common base is covered by common tests.

That being said, I dislike the C API as the interfacing layer. I wish WebKit2 did not grow into this giant mess such that the C API is considered a good idea :(

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