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--- Comment #8 from Krzysztof Czech <k.czech at samsung.com>  2013-03-08 01:38:45 PST ---
(In reply to comment #6)
> (In reply to comment #5)
> > [...]
> > I wanted to expose only WebProcess part.
> I see.
> > [...]
> > Generally, my intention was to load ATK bridge from WebProcess. While 
> > testing, I could see ATK bridge is linked to WebProcess. It looked a11y tree 
> > for DOM was properly exposed. GNOME Orca was able to read Web's content.
> Yes, that works because the Web process is exposed on its own to AT-SPI, but you miss the "connection" with the UI Process and so Orca won't be able to know that such a web process actually belongs to a web browser, a mail client... or whatever.
> That's why the AtkSocket <-> AtkPlug thing is important, I believe.
> > > [...]
> > > So, I really wonder why you want to return this dummy root object, which 
> > > isolated from the world, instead of plainly returning that AtkPlug object, 
> > > which is also a AtkObject that connects you to the a11y hierarchy wrapping 
> > > the DOM.
> > 
> > Generally, I also thought about it, that the good candidate is one from 
> > WebProcess. The thing is, it's a AtkPlug type. ATK bridge, while 
> > initialization is being done checks whether root is AtkPlug. If it is, it 
> > omits creation of dbus address line, where the server will listen and where 
> > clients will connect to. I hope this is a thing and that's way I provided 
> > this dummy object of type ATK_TYPE_OBJECT
> I see. It's true that the AtkPlug/Socket machinery means specific things to be done in the ATK bridge (e.g. implementing socket_embed() and get_plug_id()), so I'm not surprised of this, even though I didn't realized until now :)
> What I still wonder is whether it would not be better, or just more convenient for you, to avoid this dummy object and use instead the first and only child of this AtkPlug object, which certainly wraps WebCore's AccessibilityObject associated to the DOM's root.
> If you think of AtkPlug as just a proxy object to communicate with the UI process, then I would say skipping that proxy and just using its only child could make a lot of sense, and should work fine for you anyway I think.

I agree, this dummy object provides no useful information and it can be avoided. I followed your suggestion and it really makes sense of using a child of the AtkPlug object. As you said, it's not detached from the WebKit's context and it represents a11y hierarchy.

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