[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 111513] Create a script to import W3C tests

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--- Comment #8 from Rebecca Hauck <rhauck at adobe.com>  2013-03-07 16:17:56 PST ---
(In reply to comment #6)
> Rebecca, thanks for the scripts. They look like a great start.
> It would be very useful to have examples of how to run these scripts somewhere, either here in the bug, on the wiki page, or in the ChangeLog.
> There's at least two different classes of review feedback we can give here. The first is the simple feedback on the python style, to try and get this to mesh with the rest of the webkitpy. As Ryosuke points out, we need to add in the standard copyright headers, and it would be good to try and move much of this logic into modules so that we can write tests for them as appropriate.
> The second, and much more important IMO is to work out some of the high-level steps and decisions over how we will actually import the tests. I would actually prefer to focus on that sort of feedback first, as there's not a lot of point in cleaning up the style until we are sure the scripts do what we want.
> I'm still chewing through the patch (and want to play with it locally) so I don't have any of the second class of feedback yet, but will shortly.

Yeah I agree there are two tracks of feedback and also prefer to keep them second. I'm also more interested in the feedback on the import details.  I'm fairly new to Python, so in meantime, I'll read the WK Python guidelines so I'll be ready to make those changes too.

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