[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 111380] Handle CRLF in MIME types of Blobs appended to multipart FormData

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--- Comment #25 from Alexey Proskuryakov <ap at webkit.org>  2013-03-06 10:32:30 PST ---
An interactive test may not be a very good name for it, I was just using it because of the comment in test, saying "This test is not interactive, please run using DumpRenderTree".

You removed the check in the latest patch (which I admittedly didn't notice at first), but does the test actually work when dragged into a browser window? The idea is that it's easier to debug failing tests in a browser, and it's also valuable to have tests that can be easily run inside other browsers for comparison.

A test that does not run in browser should print an explanation, like this one used to do.

> I believe that your feedback applies to appendQuotedString as well, and that method is used to process the Blob filename, so it will not be dead code, no matter what ends up happening with the MIME type.

This is correct. It does not make sense to wait for Blob discussion to do this.

Ideally, you would file a new bug just for cleanup, which you have a lot of in this patch (changing description of another test, cleaning up shared test script to use dataList[i].type instead of dataList[i]['type']).

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