[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 110694] REGRESSION (r143804): html5lib/runner.html is failing on EFL, GTK

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Tue Mar 5 02:52:57 PST 2013


--- Comment #4 from Zan Dobersek <zandobersek at gmail.com>  2013-03-05 02:55:21 PST ---
The problem appear to be various null characters in test cases. When piping the data through normal libsoup resource request process, the input data correctly encodes these characters as %00, yet libsoup returns data decoded, meaning the data gets chopped off at the first '\0' character.

Looking at the html5lib/generated/run-domjs-unsafe-data.html test case, it seems that the \0 character should be replaced with the U+FFFD replacement character. Just a guess though, I'll have to run this by people more familiar with libsoup.

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